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How to Have More Clients Raving, Referring, and Returning Without Ever Worrying About Clients Disappearing Again
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Apply Below to See If You are a Good Fit for this Program and if it is a Good Fit for You

Apply Below to See If You are a Good Fit for this Program and if it is a Good Fit for You

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Are you a coach, mentor or leader?

- Have you invested significantly in becoming a coach only to see the techniques you’ve learned sometimes fail? 

- Are your clients disappearing before the end of the coaching agreement? 

 - Concerned about misdiagnosing your clients symptoms? Have you ever been fooled by the presenting issues then was surprised later when the “real” problems that the client was dealing with surfaced? 

 - Noticing some clients are not sticking to the plan you both designed? Would you like to more effectively reach a larger range of clients? 

This is the only Spiral Dynamics® program developed for coaches and mentors to give you the critical tools to illuminate client struggles and congruently coach for results. Save time by more rapidly finding solutions that match your clients’ problems. What if you could know you are on the right track right out of the gate? 

Become an agent of holistic change, integration, and unification through our proven approach rooted in 70+ years of research and international application, so clients rave, return, refer and recommend YOU!
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